EFIC – European Furniture Industry Confederation is the voice of the united furniture industries in Europe. Founded in 2006 by seven national federations representing furniture producers, EFIC now represents more than the 70% of the total turnover of the industry. Our members are coming from national federations and single companies. We collaborate with many partners.

EFIC is the voice, eyes and ears of the European furniture industry. We are active and reactive on questions impacting the industry. We promote our Members’ needs and views within the European Institutions, with inputs based on their direct experience. We provide legal and policy advice to our members on EU regulatory initiatives.

EFIC members strongly support the European project and values. We believe in the importance of working united for promoting a Furniture Grow Agenda. Our companies are small, but with a big vision. We support a well-functioning EU Single Market, improved trade opportunities and sustainable & circular business models.

EFIC counts on Full and Associated Members supporting its activities in Europe. National federations of furniture producers from EU and EEA countries are full members of EFIC. Since 2017, furniture companies may join as Associated Members. EFIC Secretariat is based in Brussels, a few steps from the European Institutions.