– Living Spaces Cluster
 has the mission to contribute to improve the competitiveness of furniture producers and companies along all interiors value chain. It was created by wood and furniture sector companies’ associations and public entities as a non-profit organization. It has 140 associated companies from the furnishings sector: furniture, carpentry, flooring, bathrooms, lighting and home textiles. 

AMBIT contributes to the member companies competitiveness improving their innovation and commercialisation capacities through promoting collaborative projects and providing training. The innovation activities of AMBIT are focused on 4 areas:

1) Digitization.

2) Circular economy.

3) Product Design.

4) Organization Management.

In order to support member companies commercialization, AMBIT has created the hotel interiors marketplace, interihotel, with an annual edition in Barcelona, the showrooms WEcontract BCN in Barcelona and docontract MAD in Madrid and the B2B online platform hicontract.